Wood Pavilions

Wood Pavilions Include:

  • Posts are glue laminated 5¼" x 5¼" posts milled after lamination for a beautiful finish
  • The 2"x 6" headers and top plate are accompanied by half moon 2"x 6" braces and are engineered for up to 16' span
  • Rafters are 2x4 at 24’’ centers topped with a 1x8 white pine tongue and groove bead board stained to your choice. On Pavilions larger then 16’x16’, rafters are 2x6 on 24’’ centers
  • Lifetime architectural shingles are available in a variety of colors to accent your roof
  • Pavilions 14'x20' and smaller are available in kit form with step by step instructions
  • Pavilions 14'x22' and larger are only available set-up by LVG
  • Pavilions 14'x26' and smaller are available with a floor and can be delivered to your prepared site via truck and trailer
  • Pavilions are attached to your existing deck, sona-tubes, or concrete patio with stainless steel anchor plates and 1/4" x 2 1/2" GRK Concrete Screws

Hemlock Pavilions Include:

  • 2x6 Rafters, 2x6 Straight Braces, 6x6 Posts, and 2x8 Headers
  • Can optionally have 8x8 Posts, 8 Pitch Roof, Metal Roof, 2x8 Headers, Savannah Braces

Lean-to Pavilions Include:

  • Metal Roof, 6x6 Posts, 2x6 Headers, 2x8 Rafters
  • Available in sizes from 8x8 to 14x40
  • Available in Wood and Hemlock
    • Wood Lean-tos include 7x7 Posts, Savannah Posts, Savannah Braces, Stain and 2x8 Header
    • Hemlock Lean-tos include 8x8 Posts and 2x8 Header

The Renewable and Natural Look of Pressure-Treated Wood

Our wood has been kiln dried. This eliminates the typical waiting period and allows us to stain or paint your outdoor structure before delivering it.
All lumber is milled in our shop and hand graded. This allows us to give you the very best in appearance and structure.
Unstained wood will weather to be a beautiful silver gray.
Stained wood needs to be restrained every few years to maintain its vibrant color.


Here’s How You Can Let the Breeze In and Keep the Bugs Out!

Our Pavilions can be upgraded with screening, so you can catch the breeze and stay cool while enjoying the outdoors, insect free. Choose from these great options:

Roll Door Screens

Give yourself the ability to pull back all the screens and open up your pavilion, or pull them shut and it’s fully enclosed

Permanent Screens

Floor to ceiling permanent screens for your pavilion with a screened door.